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Combine your compassion with our guidance to give hope and stability to children and families facing complex challenges


Bluewater Family Support Services is an intensive support program offering a unique philosophy and methodology to private foster care with troubled children.  In some ways, Intensive Support foster families are unique: not every family could invite a troubled child to be part of their home and family life. However, in many other ways they are no different from other families. The life of an Intensive Support Parent often looks like everyone else‟s (with some “exciting” exceptions)


Bluewater provides intensive support to children in a family setting. These children need families with parents who understand the underlying causes of troublesome behaviour and have skills to help children manage their behaviour. They need parents who understand this is an opportunity to help children acquire and develop the skills they need to manage their lives more effectively. They need parents who are skilled at joining with children who are working to overcome their struggles and who can craft the healing power of the family in a planned way every day. They need parents trained, supervised, and supported by the family support staff of Bluewater.  


Every child, every person, needs to know that what happens to them matters to someone. Be that someone!




Be the difference in foster care or in comminity care: Spark a Life today !

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