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BluesNews is the Bluewater Family Support Services' newsletter. It is intermittently published - there is no consistent schedule. BluesNews conveys some of what Bluewater is doing during Bluewater's professional development series. BluesNews also shares some thoughts or articles from others that we think have merit. Sometimes it is about parenting; sometimes it is about the 'whys' of therapeutic parenting. 


BluesNews is not a folksy newsletter (for the most part). It is not about sharing recipes or the successes and achievements of the children for whom we care (not for the most part). BluesNews lets Bluewater share its' thinking about our vocation. We share ideas and thoughts we believe have some significance for the work we ask you to undertake.  BluesNews is also about humour: Reader's Digest got it right, "Laughter is the Best Medicine"!


 The most recent  editions of BluesNews are available in their PDF format here.






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